1 About the App
2 Installation and Basic Requirements
3 Setting up your Account
4 Creating New List and adding products to your List
5 Scheduling a Livestream
6 How to edit your Scheduled Stream?
7 How to Go Live?
8 To Go Live using Mobile Capture
9 To Go Live using External Source
10 Additional Tips
  1. About the Mobile App

    Ruvvy Seller App is available to Download on the Play Store. The App is intended for the sellers who wish to sell on Ruvvy via Live Streaming.

  2. Installation and Basic Requirements

    • The Mobile App is presently available only on Android.

    • To successfully Install the app, you will need to have Android version 5.0 and above

    • You can download the App by searching for Ruvvy Seller or by pasting the below link in the browser.

    • Use a Mobile Phone having a Good Camera in order to capture High-Quality videos.

    • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection with a minimum speed of 1.5 MBPS.

  3. Setting up your Account

    • Once the Download is complete, you can set up an Account using a Phone Number and a Password

    • The login credentials (phone number and password) will be sent by the Ruvvy team

    • Using these credentials, you can login to the app

    Note: Once you are finished filling the details, there is no need to enter the credentials every time you login.

  4. Creating a New List and Adding Products to the List

    1. Create a New List

      • Open the App and Click on the 4th tab present at the bottom

        My List
      • Click on Create List at the top-right corner

        Create New List
      • You can add a Name to the list and click on Save

        For example: I have written ‘Today’s Collection’

        Save New List
    2. Adding Products to the List

      • Click on Today’s Collection and select Add Products

        Note: You can also add products after stream creation.

        stream list add collection
      • As you click Add products, you can click the store name to which you wish to add products in your list

        For example: I have chosen Mumbai Vogue

        Store List
      • You are provided with a Check List to select the Products. Add Products by clicking on the check box and click on Save and Next.

        Note: Click on Select All, if you want to select all the products in the store.

        For example: I have selected 10 products to my list.

        product list or product list
      • Now your list is Created

        product list added


        1. If you want to delete any picture in your list, long press on the image you want to delete and click on Delete option.

        2. If you want to add more products to your list, click on Add Products.

        product list product list
  5. Scheduling a Livestream

    1. Provide the stream details

      • Go to the home page and click on “+” Button

        Add Stream Details
      • Now enter the Stream Details

      Like Title, Tag Store Name, Category, Language and click on Save and Next.

      Category – Fashion, Jewellery etc.

      Language – Choose the Language in which the Live will be streamed.

      Title – Title of the Live Session

      Store name- Tag the Store (optional)

      Store List
    2. Upload Livestream Banner

      • Click on Upload Banner Image to add an image to your stream (preferably you can add an image of the influencer or the best products for the live session) and click on Crop


        1. Make sure the image is of minimum resolution 1080 (w) x1920 (h) and in the aspect ratio of 9:16

        2. You can edit the pic by using rotation, flip and crop options.

        upload btn crop btn
      • Now click on Save and Next

        save image
    3. Selecting the Products to Stream

      • After Scheduling a Livestream, you need to add products from the list you have created. (we had already created a list called ‘Today’s Collection’ in step 4 as an example)

      • Now click on the list you have created to select the products to stream

        Note: Products can be added after the post/stream creation if needed

        Stream List
      • Click on the checkbox to add products to your stream from list.


      1. You can deselect the products, if you don’t require.

      2. Long press the “=” icon to shuffle the pics in the order in which you want to stream them in the live.

      Product List
    4. Scheduling a Date and Time

      • Click on Schedule stream

        Note: Need not enter other details.

        schedule stream
      • Select the details like date and time (IST) to schedule the live and click on confirm

        schedule date time
      • The scheduled stream will appear in the home page.

        Note: The title, date, banner image and time will be visible to the users. So, always recheck while entering these details.

        stream posts
      • Now click on your Scheduled stream/post

        Scheduled stream
  6. How to edit your Scheduled Stream?

    1. To edit the Title, Category and Store

      • Click on the edit option to make the changes.

         stream edit option
      • Here, you can edit the Title, Category, Date, Time and tag a Store (optional)

        Stream Edit
    2. To edit Date and Time

      • Click on date and time to make necessary changes and tap confirm

        Date Time Edit
    3. To edit Products

      • Click on edit products to Add, Shuffle or to Delete images.

        Edit Product Option
      • In edit products you can add products, shuffle images in the sequence that you want in your live stream, deselect images which you do not require and click on Done.

        Product List Changes
      • You can see the changes you have made in the schedule.

      • Note: Ensure to click on Save Changes. (only then the changes will be applicable)

        Click on Delete Stream, if you want to delete the Scheduled Stream

        Save Schedule Stream
  7. How to Go Live?

    1. Steps before Going Live

      1. You can either Go live with one mobile device using the front camera (or)

      2. Go Live using two mobile devices – (For better quality and live experience). In the case you are going live using two mobile devices, then

        • One will be the camera source to capture the live show, and

        • The other mobile will work as a control/ preview device to Read Chats, Change the Live Product, Pause, Resume and End the Livestream.

        • Please make sure that you Install the app and login on both the mobile devices with the same user account

      3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection on both the phones

        • You can test the speed using any speed test app

      4. Use Tripod while recording the video and check your background setup beforehand.

    2. Going Live

      • Now click on Go Live to start recording your live.

        Note: Once the live is started, you cannot make changes to title or products.

        Scheduled stream
      • You can go live in two ways

        • capture (recommended): To record Live using a mobile device (in which Ruvvy seller app is installed) or

        • External source: To record Live using an External Camera

        Types Of Going Live
  8. How to Go Live using Mobile Capture?

    1. Checking physical Live setup (Background and Frame if you are using a tripod)

      • As you click on mobile capture, it shows you the frame for your live record. Treat this phone in which you record live as Phone 1

      • Note: Allow all necessary permissions to capture live using your mobile which is mandatory. As the camera opens, check your frame (camera view) as per your convenience before clicking on Go Live Now option.

        Live Going Options
      • As you click on Go Live Now, you will be given 5 seconds of time to start the live.

        Note: If you have clicked unknowingly, you can click on Cancel to stop recording.

        Cancel Recording Option
      • Before going Live, login to the second mobile phone which you hold during the complete live for preview. (viewing comments, product selection, pause, resume and end stream) with same account and opt for mobile preview.

        Mobile Capture
      • Once the Live (Phone 1 – Live Capturing Device) gets started, it shows you are Live.

        Live Settings
    2. Live Product selection (Phone 2 – Preview Device)

      After you click on Mobile Capture on the Phone 2 (which is the Preview Device), the screen appears as shown below. Here, you can select the product about which you are explaining presently.

      Product Selection Preview
      • After selecting the product you are explaining presently, Swipe it to Confirm that you will be talking about the present product

        Swipe Option
    3. To Pause a Live Stream (Phone 1 – Live Capturing Device)

      In case there are circumstances that need you to quick pause the Live Stream, you can Click on three dotted icon “…” and select Pause (to Pause the Stream) and follow the below steps.

      Note: Pause, Resume and end stream could be done in the 2nd mobile device also.

      Stream Options
      • Tap the Three dotted icon (top-right corner) … -> Pause stream -> Yes

        Stream settings icon
      • Once you click on Yes, you can select one of the reasons and also the time frame that you are going to pause the Stream. This will give the audience an understanding on how long the Live Stream will be Pause.

      • Note: Though you choose 5 min to pause, your live won’t resume until you click on Resume Live.

      Pause Stream Button
    4. To Resume a Live Stream

      • After you Pause a Live Stream, you can find the Screen as below. You can tap on Resume Live and the Live Stream will Resume.

        Resume Live
    5. To End a Live Stream

      Tap on the Three dotted icon (top-right corner) … -> End stream and it appears as a post in the feed

      End Live
  9. How to Go Live Using External Source?

    In case you want to use an External Source (like a Camera) to Go Live, you can follow the below steps.

    • Select your scheduled stream and click on Go Live

      scheduled stream
    • Click on External source to capture Live using Camera

      External Source Live
    • Now Copy the URL that is displayed and share it with the Ruvvy Team member coordinating with you. Once you have their approval, click on Go Live

    Note: Make sure you intimate the URL to the team

  10. Additional Tips

    • Store should be enabled in order to add the products in the list.

    • Make sure about the audio clarity and video lighting